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Here are Some of the very Common Food Practices we are doing without any second thought assuming them to be useful or atleast not considering it harmful...

Skipping Breakfasts:
It is very common now a days ...

Breakfast eaters get more fiber, calcium, and other micronutrients than skippers do.
Breakfast eaters were approximately 30 percent less likely to be overweight or obese.

Considering Dinners as heavy Meals: 
Thinking that not had proper meals since morning....

Binging or overeating on one time especially at night always slows down your metabolism &  leads to obesity..
Eat light and salt free dinners to avoid water retention in the body.
Eat early enough to ensure food will completely digest before sleep.
Make 5-6 meal patterns, take small portion of food after every 2 hours.

Sip of Tea/ Coffee with Stuffed Paranthas [methi, muli, spinach, gobhi etc.] or Chapattis or sprouts chat & poha etc esp. in winters...

Tea n coffee hinders to absorb the nutrients esp. calcium & iron in the body.
Try to have milk or if want to have tea /coffee along with your breakfast take it after 15-20 minutes of your breakfast.

Drinking carbonated drinks with lunch and dinners, especially during outings:

Increased consumption of soft drinks is associated with increased energy intake. 
The body doesnt seem to "register" fluid calories as carefully as it does those from solid food. As a result they are added on top of the existing calories from the rest of the diet. 

Walking immediately after taking dinners:

Immediate walk after dinners may lead to abdominal cramps or other digestive problems.
Always wait for 15- 20 minutes after having your dinners.

Juices intakes as compared to Whole Fruits:

Fruits are high in fibers as compared to Juices that is considered to be very good for the health benefits.

Eating fruits immediately after taking meals:

Eating a fruit after a meal is not recommended, because that is overloading in terms of calories intake 
Sometime mixing of fruits with food produces gas which can give discomfort.



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22 May 2013
Nature has blessed us with the different colors of the seasons. These seasons have great influences on us. Seasons leave an impact on the human body due to ups and downs in temperature, humidity and all other factors. Look at nature, trees shed of leaves and renew these in particular seasons. Same we need to do to maintain our health properly.   To maintain health and to remain in harmony with the nature and our body, one should follow certain regimes and should avoid certain things both in diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda has told these in detail. One, who follows these regimes, will be never ill. Try the following regime during winter n stay fit... SOME TIPS In the winter season digestive activity becomes more powerful. Increased vata gets obstructed from spreading out due to cold atmosphere outside which can digest the tissues.     DIET Intake of sweet [little bit of Jaggery, brown sugar etc.] Sour ,and salty taste foods helps reducing vat Plenty of cow’s milk, milk products, sugar cane etc can be taken. Fresh seasonal veggies of different colors like raw carrots, tomatoes, capsicum, cabbage, figs, green leafy veg., methi, sarson, dates, and nuts like almonds and walnut can be taken. Drink warm water as it aids digestion and increases water intake during winter & keep you hydrated. Bitter, astringent, pungent foods must be avoided. Starvation and skipping of meals should be avoided. Few tea spoons of mustard or sesame oil can be taken in food or external use during massage is also recommended. Vegetable soup is highy recommended during winter. Herbs like til, giner, flaxseed etc can be taken. Whole Grain like bajra,corn, jwar can be added in diet . Enjoy more of fresh & warm food during this season. As metabolic rate is little high in winter to make our body warm so take frequent & regular food after every 2-3 hours intervals but take care of the portion. One fresh amla can be added daily in the diet in any form. Take atleast 2-3 seasonal fruits in your diet. LIFE STYLE Message with oil should be done followed by steam bath. Physical exercise should be performed to keep your body warm. Body should be kept warm with silk, woolen and leather clothing. Be under the sun for sometime – sunlight is rich in Vit.-D –lest you be affected by seasonal affective disorder [lack of sunlight]. Green tea [Jasmine,tulsi, chammomile etc]  can be used 2-3 times a day during this season is very beneficial.  

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